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We do not accept unsolicited scripts by email, nor have any jobs, internships, apprenticeships nor facilitate/source actors for media/student projects/tv/film/rent a crowd as we are an amateur theatre group.



Rehearsal Venue Location

Above Smiths Restaurant at the top end of Church Street in Eccles.

Eccles railway station is adjacent. There are two doors from the car park. The right hand side one leads upstairs. Ring the bell labelled BTC for entry.

See the About page for a map.

Past History 1980s

The 1980s saw us visit the Edinburgh Fringe festival twice and our name changed from Barton Players to Barton Theatre Company.

January 1988 also saw us perform our last show at Salford Playhouse. A lot of amateur groups in Salford were no longer able to play at the Playhouse due to it going professional. However we moved around for a while performing Up and Under at various locations until we made St. Michaels our rehearsal home. For a few years it was also our performance location too.

Year Month Title Type Author(s)
1980 January Jacks Crackerjack Christmas Family Play Chris Webb
  April Trespass Ghost Story Emlyn Williams
  July See How They Run Farce Philip King
  July Salford Festival Family Barton (In house)
  September Habeus Corpus Play Alan Bennett
1981 January Devil And The Bag O' Nails Family Play Chris Webb
  April Hale Festival Various Barton (In House)
  April Pools Paradise Farce Philip King
  May Edinburgh Fringe Festival Various Barton (In House)
  June She Stoops To Conquer Comedy Oliver Goldsmith
  September Robin Redbreast Play John Bowen
1982 January Jubilee Road Family Play Chris Webb
  March The Magistrate Farce A.W. Pinero
  June Real Inspector Hound Play Tom Stoppard
  September Born In The Gardens Play Peter Nichols
1983 January Bubbles Family Play Mike Briscoe
  March What The Butler Saw Black Comedy Joe Orton
  June Abigail's Party Play Mike Leigh
  October Sweeney Todd Melodrama George Dibdin Pitt
1984 January The Incredible Vanishing!!!! Family Play Denise Coffey
  March A Little Love Besides Play Alan Plater
  June Rattle Of A Simple Man Play Charles Dyer
  October Elementary, My Dear Mystery  
1985 January Hit City Radio Family Play Brian Morris
  March Bazarre And Rummage Comedy Sue Townsend
  June Outside Edge Comedy Richard Harris
  October Children Of The Wolf Play Yvonne Mitchell
1986 January Geva's Gold Family Play Elaine McCann
  March How The Other Half Loves Comedy Alan Ayckbourn
  June Trouble And Strife (A Collage of 1 act plays)
Annie Kennie by Alan Plater
The Vicar by George Melly
A Mans Best Friend by James Saunders
The Lawyer by George Melly
Norma by Alun Owen
The Dock Brief by John Mortimer
  October Educating Rita Play Willy Russell
1987 January The Snatching Of Horrible Harold Family Play John Gardiner and Fiz Coleman
  March Enter A Free Man Comedy Tom Stoppard
  June Animal Farm Fable George Orwell ~ Adapted by Peter Hall
Lyrics ~ Adrian Mitchell
Music ~ Richard Peaslee
  October Frankenstein Play Mary Shelley - Adapted by Tim Kelly
1988 January Powers Of Seven Family Play Elaine McCann
  March Up 'N' Under Comedy John Godber
  June Shakers Comedy John Godber and Jane Thornton
  September Accrington Pals Play Peter Whelan
1989 January A Christmas Carol Christmas Play Charles Dickens
  March Friends And Neighbours Play Austin Steele
  June Ag Nik Comedy Jayne Hollinson
  July Open Night 1989 Family Barton (In house)
  September The Travails Of Sancho Panza ( Don Quixote) Fable Cervantes ~ Adapted by James Saunders
  October Groping For Words Comedy Sue Townsend


Other years

Apologies for any author we have not credited.